What Happened in July 2020?


July 2020 News

Portland Protests

Federal officers are being withdrawn from Portland, OR – the scene of violent protests for the past two months over demands for racial justice and police accountability. President Trump sent federal officers there to protect a federal courthouse in the city’s downtown that has been a focal point for protesters, but the officers have also clashed with demonstrators.

Using the protests to campaign for re-election, Trump has repeatedly pointed to Portland and other cities experiencing protests as evidence that Democratic officials are unable to maintain order, and has prominently featured images of clashes in his reelection campaign.

July Coronavirus Update

US coronavirus deaths near 150,000 as 21 states declared ‘red zones’. Covid-19 deaths have risen three weeks in a row while new cases week-over-week recently fell for the first time since June.

July 28th was the deadliest day of the summer, with more than 1,200 confirmed coronavirus deaths, the highest daily toll reported by the country since May according to Reuters.

A surge in infections in Arizona, California, Florida and Texas this month has overwhelmed hospitals.

Texas has recorded nearly 4,000 deaths so far this month, followed by Florida with 2,690 and California, the most populous state, with 2,500. The Texas figure includes a backlog of hundreds of deaths after the state changed the way it counted Covid-19 deaths.

Of the 20 countries with the biggest outbreak, the United States ranks sixth for deaths per capita, at 4.5 deaths per 10,000 people. It is exceeded by the United Kingdom, Spain, Italy, Peru and Chile.

The World Health Organization now says Covid-19 is spreading in “one big wave.” That’s good news because the organization doesn’t think the virus is affected by seasonal trends. It’s bad news because it means the spread of the virus is dependent more on personal responsibility and human behavior.

US Election News

Joe Biden says he’ll announce his running mate for this fall’s presidential election soon. Campaign rallies and appearances have been cancelled due to coronavirus, and the state of American coronavirus lockdown and distraction.

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