AI and LLM News from October, 2023

robot stands on a mountain of money

October 2023 AI and LLM news covers deepfake exploitation of celebrities and public figures, the issue of AI-generated child sexual abuse imagery, and AI advancements in China and the U.S. AI is replacing call center jobs globally, affecting economies like India and the Philippines. Stack Overflow faces layoffs due to ChatGPT’s coding capabilities. AI regulations are influenced by billionaire-funded positions. Improvements are noted in Bard and ChatGPT, while Google’s SGE now offers generative features. President Biden issues a comprehensive AI executive order.

Hamas Launches Surprise Attacks Against Israel from Gaza on October 7

Gaza in ruins

1,400 Hamas Fighters Cross the Border and Terrorize Israel as Rockets Fly In a stunning failure of Israeli intelligence, one thousand Hamas and Islamic Jihad militants stormed into southern Israel on foot, by motorcycle, boats, and even paragliders, killing 1,400 and taking more than 200 hostages. Hamas drones bombed guard towers along the Gaza border … Read more

Lewiston, Maine Mass Shooting Kills 18 and Wounds 13 More, Shuts Down Portland Area

Robert Card shoots up bowling alley

Robert Card, a certified firearms instructor and a member of the US Army Reserves, committed this year’s worst mass shooting in Lewiston, ME, located 35 miles north of Portland. Armed with a scoped AR-style rifle, he killed 18 people and wounded at least a dozen more at two locations: a bar and grille, and a … Read more

What Happened in September 2023?

a photo of a glass dome. inside the dome are men watching TVs and above the dome are laptops

Writers win against ChatGPT, Trump faces 91 criminal charges, government shutdown narrowly avoided, autoworkers strike, earthquake in Morocco, floods in Libya, and the Mississippi river nearly runs dry.