Biden Signs Bill Requiring the Sale or Ban of TikTok

TikTok ban protest

President Biden signed a bill mandating TikTok’s Chinese owner, ByteDance, to sell the app to a U.S. company within nine months, extending a previous deadline by three months with an option for a further 90-day extension. This move is part of a $95 billion aid package and stems from concerns that ByteDance could share user data with the Chinese government or use the app to influence elections. Potential buyers like Microsoft and Google face antitrust challenges, while others might be hindered by Chinese regulations on algorithm export.

Israel Strike Against Iran Inside Syria Prompts Counterattack

missiles intercepted by defense systems

On April 1, Israeli F-35 jets struck near the Iranian embassy in Damascus, killing an IRGC general and others. Iran’s April 13 counterattack with 300+ missiles and drones, mostly intercepted, seemed more symbolic to avoid escalation. Israel showcased its advanced anti-missile systems, highlighting their technological edge and strategic defense layers like Iron Dome and Arrow. The counterattack underscored regional tensions without intending a full-scale escalation.

What Happened in March 2024?

News from March, 2024

The biggest news of March, 2024 included the US House of Representative passing legislation saying the Chinese owner of TikTok must sell to a US entity or face a ban. Beyoncé released a country album with enormous press coverage, tensions escalated in Gaza with Israel intensifying military actions, Ukraine suffered from arms and ammo shortages amid US Congress gridlock over more aid, wildfires scorched the panhandle of Texas, Donald Trump’s legal troubles continued with no impact on his presidential campaign, and gangs overran police in Haiti.