Google Algorithm Leak Opens a Firehose

A man shares insights from leaked documents

In March 2024, thousands of pages of Google’s API documentation on search ranking were leaked on GitHub. By May, these documents were authenticated and analyzed, revealing discrepancies between Google’s public statements and its actual practices, such as using click-centric user signals and domain authority for ranking.

AI-powered Perplexity is Changing What it Means to Search the Web

A young man behind a computer monitor, an AI-powered search engine, has secured millions in funding from a venture capital company and Jeff Bezos. It aims to rival Google by offering a free version running on ChatGPT 3.5 and a $20 per month Perplexity Pro, providing access to ChatGPT 4-driven answers and other advanced features. But what does this mean for SEO?

Revelations of Testimony in the Google Antitrust Trial

Google locks down its search engine

The antitrust trial against Google is the most significant in decades. The government’s case centers on its exclusive deals with smartphone makes and carriers to make it the default search engine. Google’s CEO defended these partnerships, especially with Apple, as integral to their success. Despite options, Google dominates Internet searches and digital advertising, which accounts for 80% of Google’s revenue. The outcome of the trial could force profound changes in search engine choice, advertising, and potentially lead to Google’s breakup.

Will Generative Search Results and LLM Chat Kill Google’s Monopoly on Search?

stealing slices of Google's pie

As the U.S. Department of Justice and 49 states sue Google over antitrust violations, emerging AI-powered chatbots like ChatGPT and Bing Chat, along with Google’s own Bard, are transforming the search landscape. These technologies offer direct answers, challenging Google’s ad revenue model and potentially making the anti-trust case moot.

Collecting Digital Art – Rise of NFT Crypto Art

nylan cat

This article examines the rise of buying and collecting digital artwork known as NFT, or non-fungible tokens. Tied to the same blockchain technology used for cryptocurrency like Bitcoin, is it a fad, or here to stay? How will NFT impact buying, collecting and selling digital artwork? What about authenticated digital copies of fine art paintings? Will blockchain disrupt the fine art auction industry? Read more…