Bad Dude on the Orange Line

Bad dude on dart

On Sunday I set out on my single-speed bike and just started riding. With almost no wind and sunny skies it was a day made to wander. After I stopped for lunch I found myself tired, full, and 25 miles from home, so I coasted into the nearest train station for the return trip. I … Read more

DART Train is Number One with a Bullet

parkland DART

He may only have one leg and use a wheelchair, but he was still an asshole for blocking the door. He may have been trying to pickpocket people going past him, and I wonder if he was really missing a leg given the way he was sitting and shifting his weight. At each train stop … Read more

Cat Scratch Fever


My 83-year-old neighbor lady uses her walker to take out the trash two or three times a day. Last night she saw me petting one of the neighborhood feral cats and she ripped me a new one.

Stephanie Rides a Pink Barbie Scooter

Photo of Princess Stephanie from the DART train

Stephanie is tall and slender, which made her stand out even more the first time I saw her riding a kid’s Barbie scooter across an empty parking lot. I was on my bicycle, so I rode ahead of her and then stopped to get a good photo. Unfortunately, she saw me so I didn’t get … Read more

Tod Lock 2015 Year in Review

Tod Lock 2015 Year in Review image

Welcome to the Tod Lock 2015 Year in Review Tuck in your shirt and roll up your sleeves; it’s time for the top news headlines of 2015. January New Year’s Day January 2015 began with freezing rain so I skipped the 5K Commitment Day run because anybody running in that weather should be committed. ISIS … Read more