How to Trigger Emotional Buying Decisions


Most marketing messages suck.

Most advertising money is wasted because the message fails to motivate the consumer.

An effective message will bypass the rational brain and appeal to the primal brain when you follow this structure:

  1. PAINS – identify and eliminate the pains of the consumer
  2. CLAIMS – up to three short and simple words or sentences
  3. EVIDENCE – value demonstration or social proof
emotional buying decisions

How to Appeal to the Primal Brain

  1. PERSONAL – primal brain is “all about me”
  2. CONTRASTABLE – use simple black-and-white arguments
  3. TANGIBLE – use concrete and simple proof of value
  4. MEMORABLE – repeat important info and tell a story
  5. VISUAL – use colors and images and do not rely on auditory message
  6. EMOTIONAL – must tap an emotion for the memory to be stored