Stephanie Rides a Pink Barbie Scooter


Stephanie is tall and slender, which made her stand out even more the first time I saw her riding a kid’s Barbie scooter across an empty parking lot. I was on my bicycle, so I rode ahead of her and then stopped to get a good photo. Unfortunately, she saw me so I didn’t get the shot. But we did talk a little.

The first thing she told me was that she rides the Barbie scooter when taking the train. She says it takes less space than a bicycle but she can still cover more ground than walking. The second thing she said, and kept repeating, was “…and I’m 50 years old.” We talked about riding through the old Good-Latimer Expressway tunnel into Deep Ellum, and how it always reminded her of  Princess Diana’s fatal car crash.

She has an autistic son, lives downtown somewhere, and is a really interesting character. Today Stephanie contacted me through my website. I’m sure we’ll meet again.

Photo of Princess Stephanie from the DART train
Princess Stephanie