What Happened in May 2021?

In May the US economy struggled to rebound amid shortages, there were more mass shootings, a ransomware attack on a major gas pipeline, fighting in the Middle East, Covid surges in India and Brazil, while America observes the one-year anniversary of the death of George Floyd. Read more news from May 2021 below. The Economy, … Read more

Cat Scratch Fever


My 83-year-old neighbor lady uses her walker to take out the trash two or three times a day. Last night she saw me petting one of the neighborhood feral cats and she ripped me a new one.

Tod Lock 2015 Year in Review

Tod Lock 2015 Year in Review image

Welcome to the Tod Lock 2015 Year in Review Tuck in your shirt and roll up your sleeves; it’s time for the top news headlines of 2015. January New Year’s Day January 2015 began with freezing rain so I skipped the 5K Commitment Day run because anybody running in that weather should be committed. ISIS … Read more