About Tod Lock

Tod Lock lives in the Dallas, TX area and makes a living improving search engine optimization, internet reputation, and social media marketing.

Residence: Irving, Texas, USA (Dallas suburb near DFW Airport)
Nationality: American
Website: http://todlock.com
Quote: “Never take sand to the beach, and never go back to a dry well.”

Growing up in a small Kansas town Tod attended local schools, enjoyed the great outdoors, played baseball,and was on the track and field team in both high school and college. After graduating from Kansas State University, Tod relocated to Dallas, TX.

Interests include:

  • Photography
  • Colorado
  • Fly fishing
  • Kayaking
  • Cycling
  • Swimming


SEO, digital marketing, Internet reputation management
Channel marketing, go-to-market launches, and service/product development
Sales experience including business-to-business, commissioned computer sales to corporate clients and social media services.

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